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What is CGI Sic BO?

Sic Bo also known as Tai Sai, Dai Sui or Big and Small is a three dice ancient Chinese game, where the player bets on the outcome of the three dices. CGI Sic Bo is state-of-the-art, multi-player gaming system designed to attract players, to increase game productivity and to decrease operators ‘costs while operating Sic Bo game. The system provides a unique playing experience, while keeping the basics of the game and the wide range of betting options awailable in the traditional game.

CGI Sic Bo allows complete automatization for the entire gaming process – from the dice shaking and dice outcome calculation to the odds calculation and winnings cash out. State- of-the-art technology and software solutions elliminates any human interference. CGI Sic Bo allows easier reports and access to the information about the system performance - games profitability, games speed, player statistics and analyses. This detailed information enables the gaming enterprices to take informed business decisions based on information and critical data about important game parameters that are not possible without comprehensive statistics and reports.

Sic Bo Table Technical data


  • Weight - 340 kg
  • Length - 200 cm/78,7"
  • Width - 137 cm/53,9"
  • Height - 100 cm/39,3"


Power & Voltage 110/220V
Consumption 1000W

Electronic Sic Bo Table Features

System Highlights

  • Jumbo size color dices (888 mm)
  • Integrated electronic dice shaker
  • Electronic dice outcome recognition
  • Digital dice results communication
  • Touch-screen bet placing
  • Fully automated game
  • SAS 6.02 enabled

CGI Sic Bo Features

  • Adaptive design and graphic presentation
  • Minimum and maximum bet limits
  • Wide range of betting options and payout odds
  • Automatic game results calculation and payout
  • Increased productivity - no game stops
  • Jackpots
  • Betting time indication
  • Easier monitoring and accounting
  • Game information display
  • 24/7 operation

CGI Sic Bo Advantages
Integrated Electronic Dice Shaker

  • Electronically activated
  • Precise dice rolling
  • Elimination of “no spin” and incorrect dice throw
  • Special system for flat lying dices
  • Dice shaker failure detection
  • Glass dome-shaped shaker cover
Electronic Dice Outcome Recognition
  • Correct dice results reading
  • Precise dice color recognition
  • Digital results transmition
  • Dice and game statistics
Player Benefits
  • No human interference
  • Faster game
  • Game and dice statistics
  • Touch-screen betting
  • Additional side bet for Jackpot
Operator Benefits
  • Reduced costs from labour and chips
  • Enhanced efficiency - 24/7 operation
  • Full time monitoring
  • Easier maintanance
  • No dealer mistakes
  • Extandable with single player terminals
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