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Why to Choose CGI Roulette

The CGI Roulette is customized with different colours and 6 or 8 player stations. Each player is equipped with touch- screen display and separate computer which works independently from the others.  All computers are connected with the central system that is responsible for the hardware performance and the game history storage. The roulette wheel in the middle of the machine is fully electronic and need no croupier or other stuff to operate it.

The game rules, betting and winnings are the same as the classical roulette. The absence of human interference is replaced from computer system which fully controls the wheel. The computer randomly changes the speed of the ball and the wheel spin velocity, to insure fair game. Three independent sensors define the winning number after the ball stops. The system calculates the winnings according to the bet amounts. Because of the automation the whole process is four time faster compare to the live roulette. Full game history is available for every station. Players can enjoy the privacy and the comfort of the game without being diffracted. The glass cupola provides safety and excellent observation of the wheel.

Technical data


  • Weight -
  • Length - 225 cm/88,58''
  • Width - 187 cm/73,62''
  • Height - 100 cm/39,37''

User Interface

  • Touch screen display
  • Animated Chips and layout


  • Power & Voltage
  • Consumption





Live Support

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  Fax: +359 2 946 1056
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Email: office@cgibg.com

Electronic Roulette Table Features


  • High- quality components, incorporated to guarantee long term stable and error free operations
  • Wide range of colours on customer request
  • 6 or 8 individual seats for players
  • Glass cupola
  • 48,3 cm / 19" touch-screen display for every player
  • Variable speed of the ball’s launch power
  • Variable wheel spin velocity
  • The system allows betting even when the ball is already spinning on the wheel
  • Lighting allert and countdown for the betting time
  • Cash-in by bill acceptor or by electronic key
  • Cash-out by electronic key
  • Mystery Jackpot option
  • Full game history
  • 3 Electronic sensors to detect the winning position of the ball
  • User-friendly interface
  • UPS ensures proper and complete game in case of power supply - off


  • Single zero
  • Winning number indication
  • Betting time indication
  • Last winning numbers indication
  • Allows control over the maximum and minimum bet limits, according to the house rules


Benefits for players:

  • Ergonomic comfort
  • Faster game
  • Easy touch screen betting
  • One-touch betting
  • User friendly interface
  • Mystery Jackpot 

Electronic Roulette Table Characteristics

Electronic Roulette Table Characteristics


Benefits for the operators:

  • Increased profit
  • Decreased labor
  • Cost savings from staff and chips
  • Easier maintenance
  • Constant operating
  • Reduced dimensions
  • Control over the maximum/minimum bets
  • Full game history
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