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Why to Choose CGI Poker

Poker game is one of the fastest growing entertainments among the younger people. Generating lots of players, Poker needs fast and comfortable tables to satisfy gamblers’ demands.

CGI Poker is multiplayer- gaming system and Casino and Gaming Industry (CGI) best known product. This fully electronic table appears like the classic poker table, but needs no dealer. It uses 3D animated Cards and Chips and allows classic poker game to be played in an electronic casino.

With its similar performance, this device attracts on-line poker players into live poker rooms. It combines classic design with modern touch that excites the game. The players are playing against each other, not against computer or the casino. The house is collecting only beforehand announced rake.

With CGI Poker the players don’t waste time with the dealer mistakes, the dealer changeovers, the splitting of pots, dealing with the chips, or changing the decks. All the tips are staying into the Pot, and prolong the excitement and the gaming time.  This time is dedicated to full enjoyment and entertainment from the Poker game.

Compared with the classical poker table, CGI Poker can increase the hands per hour up to 45%. Entertaining for the players and profitable for the operators, this multiplayer system is the right choice for every casino and poker room. It allows the floor managers to receive much more information and statistics, to track the game the tournaments and the player’s performance.

Technical data


  • Weight - 650 kg
  • Length - 250 cm / 98,4"
  • Width - 150 cm / 59,1"
  • Height - 81 cm / 31,9"

Player Display

  • TFT 12" Touch screen display

Central Monitor

  • TFT 40" 1360x768 / 1920x1200


  • Power & Voltage- 220V
  • Consumption- 2000W




Live Support

LiveZilla Live Help

Tel.: +359 2 489 7290
  Fax: +359 2 946 1056
Skype Me™! Call at Skype CGIBG
Messenger ID CGIBG
Email: office@cgibg.com

Electronic Poker Table Features


  • High-quality components, incorporated to guarantee long term, stable and error free operations
  • 10 seats for players, each with touch screen display
  • Central TFT monitor used to visualize the game action
  • Wide range of colours on customer request
  • Texas Hold’ Em, Omaha High and Omaha High/Low games
  • Cash-in: RFID card
  • Cash-out: RFID card
  • UPS ensures proper and complete game in case of power supply off
  • Full game history and statistics
  • Loyalty Points system
  • Single and multi table tournaments
  • Multi-site tournaments

Benefits for Users
  • The players are playing against each other, not against computer or casino;
  • No tips for the croupier;
  • No waiting time between deals;
  • Faster game;
  • No mistakes and cheating;
  • No false calculation;
  • The card shuffling is certified as a random process;
  • In case of unpredicted power loss, the once started game can be finished after repairing, or even in another table.

Electronic Poker Table Characteristics

Electronic Poker Table Characteristics

Electronic Poker Table Characteristics

Benefits for Operators
  • More games per hour- up to 45%;
  • Decreased labor- CGI Poker requires fewer staff to run a fully – automated poker room;
  • No expenses for chips, drop-boxes, staff educations;
  •  CGI Poker allows the operator to issue client cards, manage player accounts, handle cash deposits and withdrawals;
  • The tips for the dealer stay into the game;
  •  CGI Poker attracts the on-line poker players in the casino with similar performance;
  • Electronic tables allow the classic poker game to be played in electronic casinos;
  • Centralized management on several poker tables;
  • CGI Poker allows the operator to organize tournament games;
  • Four different types of game limits are supported by CGI Poker:
    • Fixed Limit game;
    • Spread Limit game;
    • Pot Limit game;
    • No limit game;
  • CGI Poker support Straddle games;
  • Player tracking ability decreases the deceptions;
  • CGI Poker can repeat the last hand in case of controversy;
  • Loyalty points system increasing player’s loyalty and allows marketing programs;
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