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Why to Choose CGI BlackJack

CGI Electronic Blackjack table is multiplayer gaming system created by Casino and Gaming Industry (CGI). This electronic table appears like the classic BlackJack table and needs live dealer to control it. The gaming system uses 3D animated Cards and Chips and allows classic BlackJack game to be played in a casino. It combines classic design with modern touch that increases the game speed and the players’ efficiency and entertainment.

The players are playing against the casino in the traditional way; live dealer is dealing the cards. A revolutionary technology- Card Recognition System (CRS) enables the system to read the card and displays it into the player’s display. Every card can be recorded and analyzed for safety purpose.

The system provides full information about all aspects of the game, each hand’s profitability and player tracking. It reduces the cost for game protection practices and monitoring. CGI Electronic BlackJack table accelerates the deal rate up to 90 games per hour. This table is an elegant and profitable mix of modern technology and traditional betting experience.

Technical Data


  • Weight - 340 kg
  • Length - 200 cm / 78,7"
  • Width - 137 cm / 53,9"
  • Height - 100 cm / 39,3"


  • Six 30,5 cm/ 12" Touch screen displays for the players and the dealer


  • Power & Voltage 220V
  • Consumption 1000W



Live Support

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Tel.: +359 2 489 7290
  Fax: +359 2 946 1056
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Messenger ID CGIBG
Email: office@cgibg.com

Electronic BlackJack Table Features


  • High-quality components, incorporated to guarantee long term, stable and error free operations
  • 5 seats for players, each equiped with 30,5 cm/ 12" touch screen monitor
  • Card shuffler option with up to 6 decks of cards
  • Card Recognition System (CRS) recognizes and displays the cards on the monitors
  • Wide range of colours on customer request CGI BlackJack can be customized
  • UPS ensures proper and complete game in case of power supply-off
  • Full game history and statistics
  • Lowest error rate in card recognition- with probability under 0,01%


Card Recognition System (CRS)

CGI BlackJack is the first table that uses this revolutionary technology. The CRS enables the system to read the card during its exit out of the shoe and displays it into the player’s monitor. This solution combines the advantages of real cards shuffling and the digital card advantages. Faultless and extremely fast, this system makes the game unsuspicious and real.

CRS allows CGI Blackjack to keep all the advantages of the classical game and combine them with the extended monitoring and safety abilities.


  • Every display visualizes the individual game action
  • Mistakefree dealing and chip counting
  • All game transactions are electronic
  • Allows control over the minimum and maximum bet limits according to the house rules
  • Allows monitoring of every player’s transactions
  • Easy monitoring of the cash flow
  • Easy reporting

Benefits for players:

  • Faster and mistake free game
  • The computer calculates the chips
  • Real card game
  • Full control over the game choices from the touch- sensitive display

Electronic BlackJack Table Characteristics

Electronic BlackJack table main screen

Benefits for the operators:

  • The dealer’s responsibility and contact with the players are reduced
  • Decreased staff and therefore lower cost of operation
  • Increase in game speed by 80% and therefore higher income per table
  • Faster game
  • Easy monitoring of every players transaction
  • Allows monitoring of the cash flow at any time
  • No need for game protection practices
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