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Electronic Bingo Table


CGI BINGO is a powerful, end-to-end electronic Bingo system.  Based on the latest computer technologies it is designed to offer high quality Bingo experience for the players and to facilitate hall management. The system boosts player excitement by offering easier game and increases operating efficiencies by accelerating the games rate.

CGI Bingo streamlines all processes in the Bingo hall and saves costs from labor, paper and daubers. The versatile system eliminates all mistakes and interruptions by completely automating the game process. Reduced complexity in the Bingo hall enables 3 persons to completely attend 200 players per shift.

System Highlights

  • Fully customizable to any Bingo hall requirements
  • Bill validator, TITO, cashless system or cash desk options
  • Eror free balls recognition
  • Enhanced bingo card library, 3x5 and 3x9 card grid available
  • Electronic bingo card sales and validation
  • Advanced card control, additional prizes and bingo patterns
  • Player tracking  and bonusing functions with bonus Jackpot
  • Comprehensive game reports and statistics
  • Demo and free games ability
  • Flashboard and game information monitor control
  • 24/7 operation

CGI Bingo Blower

CGI Bingo Blower was designed to have a distinctively attractive and modern appearance.  Careful manufacturing and assembly techniques are used to ensure quality. The blower can be tailored to any hall interior and style.

  • Custom design
  • Secure, reliable and random ball mixing
  • No game interruptions
  • Programmable Ball Timer, with both visible and audible signals
  • Optional Electronic Random Number Generator

  • Automatic ball extraction and recognition

  • Built in color camera for called ball visualization


CGI Bingo Player Stations

  • Ergonomic design to ensure long play
  • Touch-screen technology, powered by user friendly software

  • Electronic bingo card sales at the  touch of a button
  • Unlimited number of cards with real-time monitoring
  • Wide range of game information and card statistics, showing credits and banked winnings
  • Calculation of prize amounts for multiple winners
  • Instant card validation - player can see the progress of any possible bingo prize

  • All known bingo card sets & styles supported

CGI Bingo Hall Manager

  • Complete solution for bingo game operation management
  • All games are fully logged for security and analysis
  • Instant access to sales and prize money figures at the touch of a button
  • Easy to use reporting and game history

  • Full control over blower, flashboards and game, parameters

  • Security and gate management ability

CGI Bingo Jackpots & Bonuses

  • Mystery and Progressive Bingo Jackpots
  • Wide range of jackpot triggers and options
  • Free games bonusing
  • Customized Jackpot signs

CGI Bingo Flashboards

  • Customized High Resolution and full color Video Displays

  • Full-color Electronic Displays
  • Editable hall display messages
  • Long live and wide angle of vision
  • Custom shape

  • Additional lighting visual and audio effects

  • Can show multimedia adverts, promotional info, prizes, animated sequences, etc.
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