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Electronic Baccarat Table

CGI Baccarat

Baccarat is one of the most played casino games with cards in the world. It has gained popularity as a pure game of chance. High rollers and big stakes are often attracted on the Baccarat tables, where additional privacy and game security is important. To control the game and to limit dealer’s mistakes the traditional casino industry is using expensive methods for monitoring and game protection.

With the rise of the new technologies even more casinos are turning to electronic. In this way they are able to reduce costs and protect from fraud and cheating.

The electronic CGI Baccarat is dealer operated multi-player system, created by Casino and Gaming Industry (CGI). It takes all the advantages that both live and electronic tables can perform, combining real card action with faster game play. CGI Baccarat increases the casino profits by cost savings and reduces the time between games.

CGI Baccarat Description

  • Seven player stations are embedded in a table, providing intuitive electronic betting interface on touch-sensitive monitors.
  • Inbuilt Card Recognition System (CRS) is reading and representing the cards dealt from the shoe, both to the players’ and dealer’s stations. Error-free regardless of the dealing speed.
  • All betting and payout transactions are registered on the Play Stations electronically. This avoids any game collusion and player complaints and disputes, by eliminating all dealer errors.
  • The system is extendable to single player remote terminals. Up to 1024 players are able to play at the same time. Mobile terminals can be connected to the system. The players are able to play from hotel rooms or restaurants using these terminals
  • Fully adaptable to any casino policy. Baccarat/Punto Banco and Baccarat Chemin de Fer games are available.


  • Precise Card Recognition System with superb accuracy
  • Real-time game play at electronic speeds
  • Electronic betting / automated chip handling
  • Up to 6 decks of playing cards shoe or automatic shuffler
  • Minimum and maximum game limits
  • Extendable to remote gaming terminals
  • Flexible commission rate for Banker win
  • Onscreen game statistics with game results information
  • Game Information Screens for the non-playing customers


  • More hands per hour
  • No dealer mistakes and errors
  • Increased game profitability
  • Extensive reporting and monitoring options
  • Reduced costs from chips and labour
  • Decreased game supervision required
  • Enhanced game security

24/7 operation

CGI Ltd. Casino & Gaming Industry
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