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CGI Imperium

CGI Imperium is a highly evolved business solution based on many years’ experience and expertise in the gaming industry. By networking electronic gaming machines, the system offers extensive core functionality, dedicated applications for jackpot management and slot machines monitoring. It is designed to deliver maximum cost savings and revenue growth for the casino business. CGI Imperium is a perfect solution for small, medium-sized and large multi-site operations. With affordable investment the casino management will receive comprehensive reports, statistics and tools to generate excitement on the gaming floor. CGI Imperium allows the operators to discover powerful cost-saving and profit generating business advantages and to make a huge step forward.


System Highlights

  • Real-time information on the slots performance

  • Automatic accounting and control of the financial activity

  • Full range of comprehensive reports

  • Labour costs and staff duties optimization

  • Customer service improvement

  • Cashless gaming

  • Player tracking

  • Multi-site Jackpots


Why do you need CGI Imperium?

  • Increases the profit of the casino

  • Saves cost by identifying the “hot” and  “cold” spots for the casino floor

  • Detailed analysis of machine efficiency

  • Provides real time information about the player’s activity

  • Allows real time control over the staff duties

  • Attracts and retains more customers

  • Generates excitement and faster game

  • Attractive Jackpots and bonus programs

  • Allows distributed operations for multiple casinos

  • Allows remote access and real time surveillance


CGI Imperium Modules

The system is scalable and modular solution managing all casino activities. Imperium can be customized and developed according to the specific corporate needs and goals for every operator. Server applications are built using modular architecture for easy upgrades and lower cost of ownership.

CGI Imperium Administrator is the basic module of the system. It streamlines the communication between the system modules through immediate notification and interaction. CGI Imperium Administrator is a parameter rich utility that provides a number of configuration options. With this module the system can be tailored to each casino’s unique gaming needs. The module is designed to attain different government and regulatory requirements.

CGI Imperium Accounting and Cage is a cash desk and accounting control module. It allows comprehensive financial analysis of every machine and gaming location. The module consists extended accounting and cage functionalities. Accounting and Cage allows the casino to consolidate financial reports and to account all activities easily. It enables real-time data for the contribution and the performance of every device connected. The module also produces a full range of reports for management and gambling authority’s requirements. Eliminates the need for time consuming manual paperwork. Imperium Accounting and Cage accommodates the use of multi-user, multi-cashiering locations.

CGI Imperium Jackpots is a management module that gives centralized control over the jackpots parameters. With this module every casino can design custom jackpots with various names, parameters and triggers. CGI Imperium Jackpots is automatically scanning the information collected from the casino floor. It calculates the Jackpot amount according to the jackpot rules or as a percentage from the total income. The operator can set the parameters for the start up volume, the jackpot limit, the minimum and the maximum value. ICG Imperium Jackpots allows definition of special jackpots for group of machines with minimum bet value for participation. Supports both Mystery and Progressive Jackpots.

CGI Imperium Ticketing module enhances the speed of the game in the machines.  It reduces the cash operations as well as enables extra benefits and promotions to be offered for the players. Ticket-In-Ticket-Out (TITO) system allows the gaming machines to load credit and pay out winnings with bar coded tickets. The tickets can be inserted in another machines or redeemed for cash at the cashier stations. Practically TITO creates cashless gaming floor and easier accounting for every connected machine. Tickets increase the player’s privacy and comfort.

CGI Imperium Cashless offers a full suite of cashless payment solutions. The module is designed to eliminate all cash operations on the floor and to maximize game efficiency. It decreases operating and maintenance costs. By implementing the module, casino management does not have to engage floor staff for cash operations. Imperium Cashless speeds up game play by allowing easy player movement between slots and gaming machines. The module increases customer service due to short reaction time to events.

CGI Imperium Player Tracking enables operators to track betting levels and players’ behavior. This module enhances the card based functionality of the Cashless module. It brings positive influence to the revenue and the player satisfaction, without additional hardware costs to the slot machine. The players use the card at all key points in the casino and the module provides detailed statistics for every player. Detailed and integrated reports of current and historical activity are available. In this way the management receives powerful tool to monitor every carded customer’s actions and to collect information for all gaming habits. The module improves the management quality and provides a variety of marketing and promotion possibilities. It also automates and optimizes the communication with the players and the efficiency of the floor personnel.

CGI Imperium Rewards and Bonus Points boosts players excitement and builds loyalty by offering additional prizes and gaming features. This module enhances the card based functionality of the Cashless and Player Tracking modules.  It gives the casino management the ability to reward the carded players with bonus points and complimentary. Huge varieties of bonus configurations are optional. The casino is able to stimulate the game in specific time, the duration of play, the bet level, etc. When a card accumulates pre-defined number of points, these can be redeemed for prizes and other awards. The module has multi-site capabilities to award and redeem bonus points. The player can receive awards in every linked machine enterprise-wide. CGI Imperium Rewards and Bonus Points, allows full control over the levels at which points may be redeemed. For the players with certain amount of bonus points the casino can organize special tournaments or events. Complete analysis and history for the distributed bonus points and the redemptions are available.

CGI Imperium Reception is casino gate management and player registration module. It allows the casino to register entrants with their personal data and picture. With enhanced functionality the module enables player card issue and control. CGI Imperium Reception is scalable from a single casino to a multi- site casino group. Black lists creation and cross- check is available for optimal security. According to the requirements and needs of the operator the module is totally customizable. All personal details and important data can be extracted from the system for security reasons. It allows the casino staff to view statistics about guest visitations frequency and specifics. The module integrates highly effective player identification system. Imperium Reception provides full statistics and real-time reports for the entrants in the casino.

CGI Imperium Multi-Site System is an IP-based Wide Area Network (WAN). It can either be hooked on to an existing WAN, or can easily be created using routers to link sites. For centralized online monitoring, decision- makers are able to track events for all or selected sites in real time. The network allows adding and maintaining number of sites and remote upgrade. The Multi-Site module provides full management and control of the floor in every connected casino. Module features include all real time alerts that can be reported directly to surveillance or to other management by email, cell phone or PDA.



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