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About us

CGI is a leading Bulgarian developer and provider of turn-key gaming devices, systems and solutions. Company’s product range includes gaming devices for casinos, and specialized system-based hardware and software products. CGI creates and produces a variety of technologically advanced multi-player digital gaming systems and solutions for Poker, BlackJack, Roulette and Sic Bo. All products are designed to increase the entertainment and the attraction in the casino. Extended jackpot, player loyalty, tournament and multi-site options are included in the CGI systems to increase player’s excitement during the game.

The company have designed end-to-end casino management system, built on the latest technical achievements in the electronic and computer technology. The system incorporates an array of slot accounting, player tracking, bonusing, cashless, ticketing and jackpot management solutions. Its specialized software provides casinos with a wide range of marketing, data management, accounting, security, and other useful applications and tools to more effectively manage their operations.

CGI provides also MELIORA™ - enterprise-wide, real-time transactions processing platform for all types of gaming and betting activities. It is designed to support both land-based and Internet lottery and sports betting operators in their business. The modular platform integrates innovative solutions and tools to optimize and facilitate the gaming process at reduced costs. Full range of odds monitoring and risk management options allows the operators to secure the entire operation and to provide superior service.

CGI team has successfully developed a range of gaming and entertainment projects worldwide including SMS and TV games, Bingo and Keno halls equipment, casino equipment, sports betting and lotteries operational services, etc. A growing number of customers and partners are using Company’s technologically advanced gaming products and systems that can be found in five continents worldwide. CGI’s top priorities in the business are the mmaximum security, profitability and reliability.

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Service and Support

CGI provides 1 year warranty for the parts and software for every product purchased from us. Various service and support options are available to satisfy your needs after the warranty period.

Our technical team will be involved in the product installation and the initial stuff training. The smooth operation of our devices is ensured from 365 days working support line. Qualified CGI engineers will maintain your purchase if needed.

The CGI technicians will use only CGI aproved and genuine parts for operation maintenance. Our Support team will receive every emergency call or e-mail for troubleshooting or assistance concerning our products. We will register and investigate every cause for service intervention.  

CGI Support office working hours:

7.00- 23.00 CET

Please, e-mail your request after office hours, we will answer back ASAP.

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